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Health and Safety Tips

The following are some health and safety tips for you and your family.  The following list is by no means comprehensive, but we hope some of the items are helpful.


Do not keep televisions or computers and video game players in your children’s bedroom.  These devices emit radiation that may interfere with your child’s normal development.  The radiation may remain in the room even after the devices are turned off, so it is best if they are used in other rooms of the house.


A walk (20 to 30 minutes) each day is good for your heart and eyes.  It reduces the blood pressure, which is good for your heart.  It allso reduces the pressure in the eyes, which reduces the risk of glaucoma.


Avoid bleached flour—use unbleached flour.  Bleach is good for whitening your clothes, but it is a strong chemical and is not good to eat.


Avoid white sugar (which is bleached).  Natural sugar is not white—it is brown or light brown.  To make it white, it is bleached.  Bleach as stated above, it not good to eat.  Therefore, brown sugar or light brown sugar is better for you.  Real brown sugar does not have “molasses,” so avoid fake brown sugar with molasses.


Avoid the use of florescent and compact florescent lights.  Incandescent lights are better for the eyes than florescent lights.  Natural sunlight is even better for the eyes because it has a broader spectrum, which is more natural for the eyes.


Pregnant women should avoid the use of a cell phone—or use cell phones very very little.  It is better to use a corded phone (one that is connected by a cord to a wall).  Cell phones emit 100 times as much radiation as a corded phone.  The radiation is bad for the woman, and especially bad for the developing fetus.


Pregnat women should limit their exposure to computer radiation (do not sit for hours in front of a computer).  As mentioned above, the radiaiton is bad for a developing fetus.


Avoid excessive use of cell phones.  Radiaiton from cell phones is bad for the brain and other organs.


Plant trees in your yard (including fruit trees).  Trees add moisture and oxygen to the air, and they adsorb carbon dioxide.


Add houseplants inside your home, especially to the bedrooms.  As mentioned above, they add moisture and oxygen.  They also clean the air, and use up carbon dioxide. 


Add moisture to the air inside your home.  The air inside most homes is too dry—it dries out the sinuses, leading to colds.  You can add moisture to the air by using a spray bottle, humidifiers, and plants.


Drink plenty of water, juice, or other beverages.  As mentioned above, the dry air in many homes can lead to colds.


Pregnant women.  Avoid the use of the forceps for delivery.  The forceps can cause brain damage in the newborn child.  There are several other options for difficult deliveries, including Cesarean section (C section) delivery.


Cell phones—do not keep cell phones on your person or carry around with you in a pocket all day.  The radiation from cell phones can be harmful.  Use cell phones as little as possible.  It is better to use land lines (phones attached by a cord to the wall).  Especially, avoid the use of cell phones for children.  Children should use cell phones only in an emergency, not talking to their friends all the time because the radiation from cell phones may interfere with a child’s normal development.


Avoid the use of laptop computers on your lap.  This is especially important for men.  It is better to put the laptop on the table, so the radiation is a little farther from your internal organs.


Eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables.  Whenever possible, grow your own garden.


Avoid buying a house or living in an apartment close to a main power line or cell phone tower (should be more than 1,000 feet).  The radiation from main power lines and cell phone towers can interfere with the normal development of children.


When reading, try to get up  and stretch, or walk around every 10 to 15 minutes, and look off in the distance. 


Preferably, do not enroll your young children in a daycare or preschool that is close to (less than 1,000 feet from) a major power line or cell phone tower.  As mentioned above, the power line or cell phone tower can emit powerful radiation that can interfere with your child’s normal development (possibly even leading to increased rates of leukemia and cancer).


Insecticides.  Try to limit the use of insecticides and other pesticides.  More natural glue-type traps are safer for children.  We are exposed to pesticides at home, in the office, at school, shopping in stores.  When using insecticides, try to read all warnings and cautions on the label.  Many homeowners, schools, and businesses, and even cities contract with professional companies to spray for insects for them, so they are unaware of the adverse effects on humans, especially children.  Exposure, especially repeated exposure from homes, businesses, schools, even outdoors from cities spraying can have adverse effects on the brain, nervous system, respiratory system, especially in children.  Many insecticides contain carcinogens (cancer-causing agents).  

The effect of insecticides is even worse on children because they are closer to the ground and their brain is still developing.  If you hear the city trucks spraying the local are for mosquitoes in the summer months, Please keep all you children indoors and close all the windows.  Try not to let your children play outside again till the following day.