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Galactic Field Theory

In the history of mankind, heretofore, only 4 forces of nature have been disovered; gravity, electromagnetism, the strong nuclear force that holds protons and neutrons in the atomic nucleus, and the weak nuclear force responsible for radioactive decay.  Dr. Klein adds a fifth force; the galactic force.

 Dr. Klein observed that throughout the universe, stars are grouped together into galaxies, therefore Dr. Klein postulated that there exists another force on the galactic scale: The Galactic Force.  The Galactic Force has an attractive component, which hold the stars together in a galaxy (gravity and the other forces of nature are too weak at the vast distances between stars to hold stars together within a galaxy). 

The Galactic Force also has a repulsive component for balance, and is why the stars throughout the universe are grouped into galaxies, but are not on top of each other. The Galactic Force is also responsible for the motion of stars within a galaxy.

Dr. Klein postulated that this large scale Galactic Force generates a galactic field.  In addition to holding stars together within a galaxy, the galactic field can bend or affect (red-shift) the light passing near or through the galaxy.