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The Galactic Cluster Field Theory and The Gigantric Field Theory


Galaxies tend to form into galactic clusters (consisting of 5,000 to 50,000 galaxies).  The galactic cluster itself may have a field for the entire cluster.  The galactic cluster field may not just be the sum of the fields for the individual galaxies.  A Galactic cluster may be merely a collection of galaxies, or it may  be a whole new organization of matter.


Entities such as atoms, living organisms, planets, stars, and galaxies are new organizations of matter, and have qualities of its own (more than just the sum of its parts).


A new organization of matter will occur when there is a sufficiently large number of galaxies.  The number may be much larger than 5,000 or 50,000 galaxies.  It may be millions, billions, trillions of galaxies or more.  This sufficiently large number of galaxies (along with other matter and energy in space) will combine to form a new entity that may be called: “a gigantricy.”  The new entity will create a field: The Gigantric Field, and have new qualities of its own.